Rules and Regulations

All references to “JetSynthesys” shall mean JetSynthesys Pvt. Ltd., a company duly incorporated under the laws of India having its registered office at 101-104, First Floor, Metro House, Mangaldas Road, Pune – 411 001.
• Players will need to register from the official WWE Racing Showdown Website. (https://www.wweracingshowdown.com/)
• Players need to fill out a form with Name, Contact Details, Game UID and Preferred Team.
• Preferred teams will be considered but may not be assigned as we will need to distribute players such that all teams have equal strength.
• Last date of Registration: December 31st, 2020


Qualifier Weekend
• Date: 2nd - 3rd January,2021
• Play to unlock Multiplayer Mode and compete in “Last Man Standing”. Play as many races as possible to collect maximum trophies, Knockouts and Survival points.
• Top 12 registered players with the best score will be selected for the Survival Showdown (Finale).
• Players will be divided into 4 teams

Survival Showdown
• Date: 10th January,2021
• All 4 Teams with 4 Players each (Influencers and Top 12 Players) will play “Last Man Standing”.
• Players must play 1 race each, and get maximum trophies, Knockouts and Survival points.
• The team with the best cumulative score, wins the Survival Showdown.

Winning Team
• All the winning team players get a prize pool of INR 1,00,000 and In-game Cash and Coins as rewards.
• The winners will be announced via WWE Racing Showdown Social channels in the month of January.

It will be the sole responsibility of the Participants to read and understand all Terms and Conditions of this Tournament. By participating in this Tournament, the Participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions mentioned hereunder And warrants that the Participant meets the eligibility requirements. In addition, the Participant agrees to accept the decisions of the Tournament Organizer (hereinafter referred to as “JetSynthesys”) as final and binding as it relates to the Game and this Tournament.
• Only registered players are eligible to participate in the Tournament.
• No new registrations will be entertained after the registration end date (31st December 2020).
• Minimum requirement – All Participants must ensure the following minimum requirement to be able to participate in the Tournament.
• Minimum age of the Participant should be 18 years (Players between the ages of 18 and 16 years can participate with the consent of a parent/guardian. If a parent/guardian wants to accompany the player, they have to bear the cost of travel.)
• The Participant should be an Indian citizen residing in India.
• No player, team, association and/or organization endorses or is associated or connected with this software product in any way, and we make no representation of any such endorsement, association or connection; no image or likeness of any player, club, association or organization has been used, and any similarity with any graphical element of this software product is purely co-incidental.
• JetSynthesys will have the sole discretion to decide the format and the matches for the Tournament and will not be held accountable/responsible for the any discrepancies between two Participants who are paired in matchmaking, or for any resultant outcomes of any in-game interactions between the Participants.
• The Participant agrees to all the Terms and Conditions laid down by JetSynthesys for this Tournament, and that JetSynthesys reserves the right to change/modify/or withdraw the Tournament and the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice of the same at its sole discretion.
• Compliance - Participants must follow the instructions provided by JetSynthesys at all times.
• All statistics contained within the data are researched or computer generated and intended to be impartial. They are not intended to be a true reflection of the abilities or performances of any individual player, but rather a computerised interpretation of data given to it or generated by it.
• All trademarks are the property of their respective owners and we do not make any warranty or representation in relation to the names contained within the Game or Tournament, including without limitation the names of any player, team, stadium, competition, organization or association.
• Data Ownership - The Participant agrees that all data including but not limited to instructions, gameplays, methods, and techniques, art works, sounds, animations and other properties of like nature that have been a part of the Tournament will remain the sole property of JetSynthesys. Furthermore, the Participant agrees that all data including without limitation the mobile number, email id etc. of the Participant can be used by JetSynthesys for promotional activities.
• Notwithstanding any other provision set forth herein, JetSynthesys shall not be liable towards any Participant for any indirect, special, and/or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection to this Tournament.
• JetSynthesys reserves the right to disqualify Participants. Any team/ Participant found to be using a known exploit will forfeit their game upon the first occurrence of the exploit. If the team/ Participant is found to use another known exploit for a second time, and it is determined to have been done on purpose, they will be removed from the Tournament and barred from any future tournaments.
• Hackers will be identified and disqualified from the tournament.
• Cheating - Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. When evidence of cheating is found, the Participant in question will immediately be removed from the Tournament and banned from all competitions.
• Competitive integrity - Participants are expected to behave at their best at all times. Unfair conduct may include, but is not limited to, hacking, exploiting, ringing and intentional disconnection. Participants agree to the code of conduct by Esports Integrity Commission (“ESIC”) (https://esic.gg/codes/code-of-conduct/). Participants are expected to showcase good sportsmanship and fair play. JetSynthesys maintains the sole authority for judgement of any violations of these rules.
• Hate Speech - Participants are prohibited from using any language that is obscene, abusive, hateful, insulting, threatening, racist, or otherwise offensive or objectionable.
• Betting - Betting during any of these matches (by a player, team, or on behalf of anyone associated with the team) will result in disqualification from the Tournament and those found partaking might receive a ban depending on the severity of the case. Action against the participant will be taken as per the procedure of ESIC (https://esic.gg/codes/procedure/).
• Account Sharing - Account sharing is strictly against the rules and will lead to an account ban in all stages of the Tournament. Action against the participant will be taken as per the aforementioned procedure of ESIC.
• DDoSing - Limiting, or attempting to limit, another participant’s connection to the Game through a Distributed Denial of Service attack or any other means shall be considered as breach of the Terms and Conditions mentioned in this document and will be considered as grounds of immediate dismissal.
• Match Fixing - Attempting to intentionally alter the results of a match by losing or otherwise trying to affect the results and it will be considered as grounds of immediate dismissal. Action against the participant will be taken as per the procedure of ESIC.
• Software or Hardware - Using any software or hardware to gain benefits that are otherwise not available in-game is not permitted. Examples include but are not limited to: any third party software (unapproved apps that manipulate gameplay), playing on private servers, scripted attacks.
• The Participant agrees that Under no circumstances shall the Participant:
• Create or use cheats, exploits, mods and/or hacks, or any other third-party software products that may change the result of the games or Tournament.
• Perform any action or behaviour which contravenes the default user interface, features and interactions provided to users for fair play.
• Modify or access any data or processing part of the Tournament which is not part of the intended data access and processing pathways.
• Use software that allows the mining of data or otherwise intercepts or collects information in connection to the games or the Tournament.
• Use scripts and completely or partially automated programs that provide users with an advantage over other users.
• Falsify own personal information (including, but not limited to, name, email address, bank account details and/or any other information or documentation as may be requested by JetSynthesys to enter the Tournament and/or claim a prize/to win the Tournament).
• Engage in behaviour which is deemed to be detrimental to other user's experience, or which within any context contains content or materials that may be interpreted as libellous, obscene or criminal, or which infringes, otherwise violates, or advocates the infringement or other violation of user's rights or of these Terms and Conditions, or any other manner of abuse as determined by Jetsynthesys.
• Engage in any type of financial fraud or misrepresentation including unauthorized use of credit/debit instruments, payment wallet accounts etc. to enter the Tournament or claim a prize. It is expressly clarified that the onus to prove otherwise shall solely lie on the user.
• Collude with any other user(s) or engage in any type of syndicate play.
• Violate Tournament rules or the Terms of Use.
• Accumulate rewards through unauthorized methods such as automated bots, or other automated means.
• Use automated means (including but not limited to harvesting bots, robots, parser, spiders or screen scrapers) to obtain, collect or access any information which is part of the Tournament and/ or of any other Participant for any purpose.
• Tamper with the administration of the Tournament or try to in any way tamper with the computer programs or any security measure associated with the Tournament.
• Obtain other Participants' information without their express consent and/or knowledge or spam and/or harass other users.
• Breach the confidentiality of this Tournament - The content of protests, discussions or any other correspondence with league officials and administrators are deemed strictly confidential. The publication of such material is prohibited without prior written consent from the League administration.
• JetSynthesys reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Tournament or the Game should virus, bug, non-authorized human intervention, fraud, or other cause beyond the control of JetSynthesys control, corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, or proper conduct of the Game or Tournament. In such case, JetSynthesys may select the Winner from all eligible entries received prior to and/or after (if appropriate) the action taken by JetSynthesys.
• JetSynthesys reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who tampers or attempts to tamper with any process or the operation of the Game or website or violates these Terms & Conditions.
• JetSynthesys has the right, in its sole discretion, to maintain the integrity of the Game and Tournament, to void votes for any reason, including, but not limited to: multiple entries from the same user from different IP addresses; multiple entries from the same computer in excess of that allowed by these Terms; or the use of bots, macros, scripts, or other technical means for entering. Any attempt by an entrant to deliberately damage any website or undermine the legitimate operation of the Game may be a violation of criminal and civil laws. Should such attempt be made, JetSynthesys reserves the right to seek damages to the fullest extent permitted by law.
• Privacy Policy: Information submitted with an entry is subject to the Privacy Policy stated on the JetSynthesys website.
• No cash or other reward substitution shall be permitted except at the discretion of JetSynthesys. The reward is non-transferable. Any and all reward -related expenses, including without limitation any and all costs related to travel, accommodation, federal, state, and/or local taxes, shall be the sole responsibility of the Winners. No substitution of reward or transfer/assignment of reward to others or request for the cash equivalent by winners is permitted. Acceptance of reward constitutes permission for JetSynthesys to use winner’s name, likeness, and entry for purposes of advertising and trade without further compensation, unless prohibited by law.
• Limitation of Liability: By entering, You agree to release and hold harmless JetSynthesys and its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, representatives, agents, etc. from any liability, injury, loss, or damage that may occur, directly or indirectly from: (i) The Participant’s participation in the Tournament; (ii) technical failures of any kind, including but not limited to the malfunction of any computer, cable, network, hardware, or software, or other mechanical equipment; (iii) the unavailability or inaccessibility of any transmissions, telephone, or Internet service; (iv) electronic or human error in the administration of the Tournament or the processing of entries.
• Disputes: This game is governed by the laws of India, and any and all disputes that cannot be resolved between the parties, arising out of or connected with this Tournament, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, exclusively before a court located in Mumbai, Maharashtra having jurisdiction. Further, in any such dispute, under no circumstances shall the Participant be permitted to obtain awards for, and hereby waives all rights to, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees. The Participant further waives all rights to have damages multiplied or increased.
• The Terms and conditions mentioned herein are final and binding and the Participant shall not raise a dispute with regards to the same.